Discovering Your Work Style Preferences

What will you find on this Work Style Preferences page?

What are Work styles?
The 6 Work Styles
The Benefits of Knowing Your Work Style

What are Work Styles?

Work styles describe work patterns that we develop in our early life, that tend to stay with us throughout our lives. It’s important to identify the ones you have. They point to the kind of work environment, that is most suitable for you.

The 6 Work Styles?
There are six work styles. We all have one dominant and two supporting preferences among these six. It’s good to know what your dominant workstyle is, because this will help you to find a job that fits your work style. Having a job that fits your dominant work style makes it easier to do the work, because it comes naturally to you. You can find out what yours are by doing the Work Styles Inventory, found in Career Manual 1.

Realistic Work styles are the Doers in our world.
Investigative Work styles tend to be Problem-Solvers.
Artistic Work styles are the Creators.
Social Work styles are inclined to be Helpers.
Enterprising Work styles enjoy Persuading others.
Conventional Work styles are characterized as Organizers.
To find out more about the characteristics of each work style, download your copy of Career Manual 1 – Five Easy Career Tests to Do Now.

There you will find a detailed description of each of these work styles, their strengths and the kinds of jobs they do well in. You may find several of these work styles that you could do well in.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Work Style

We get along easier with people who are more like us. There are fewer conflicts. It is a known fact that people with similar Work Styles tend to gather in certain types of work environments. For example, researchers tend to have a strong Investigative Preference.
Construction Workers tend be more Realistic in their preferences.
Successful Sales People score high on an Enterprising Work Style. When you know what your preferences are, you may want to look at the jobs, that people with your style, are drawn to.

Are you ready to find our what your work style is?

You may be a combination of these types. But you need to know your dominant work style and how the others build on that. Download your copy of Career Manual 1 – Five Easy Career Tests. In this career manual you’ll find the Work Styles Inventory, the Work Values Inventory, the Multiple Intelligences Inventory, the Personality Test and the Central Motivations Quiz, all ready to take and score yourself.

Follow the quick and easy explanations on how to do these career tests, to discover your personal work style(s).


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