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  1. Is Participation Research really necessary?
  2. Making Your Final Decision
  3. Step 4 – Taking Action With Career Planning

There is an Job Experience Worksheet which goes with this page. It’s in Career Manual 2 – Appendix 5.

All Tests, Inventories and Worksheet Templates for this site are available in an easily printable format in Career Manuals 1 and 2.

Is Participation Research really necessary?

I know people (including myself) who neglected to do this last step in the research process, and ended up wasting time and money in training programs, preparing for jobs that were not at all like they imagined. Sometimes you can't really know what a job is like from books, websites and people you talk to. It takes a first-hand experience to bring it all home. Nothing can replace your own solid personal experience such as:

Guiding Comment:
This kind of research is not for everyone. Some people use it when they have questions about a job, that can't be answered any other way, than through an experience on-the-job. It's also a great way to earn money while researching.

'Participation Light'
A lighter version of involvement such as attending 'Open Houses', can sometimes be enough to get your questions answered, and give you a feel for that kind of workplace. If you are clear about your Dream Job - that it matches your needs and personal requirements, you may not need to get more involved in participation research. This is an option that is there if you need it.
Making Your Final Decision

After you've finished your research, ask yourself:
Is this a job:
- that I feel personally suited to?
- where the people seem to be very much like me?
- where I am strongly attracted to the work itself?
At this point, it is not necessary to be skilled in the particular line of work, any training that is required comes next.
Are you ready with your Final Decision?

Your Field of Interest + Dream Job = Your Best Career Match

Here is how to analyze the outcome of your research to find your Best Career Match. Your Best Career Match is always a combination of Your Field of Interest and your Dream Job.

Example #1:
When the Field of Interest is Health Services
And the Dream Job selected is Dentist Hygienist
The Best Career Match = Dental Health

Example #2:
When the Field of Interest is Sales & Service
And the Dream Job selected is Travel Agent
The Best Career Match = Travel Services

Example #3:
When the Field of Interest is Paraprofessionals
And the Dream Job selected is a Paralegal
The Best Career Match = Legal Support Services

My Chosen Field of Interest is: ______________

My Dream Job is: ______________________________

My Best Career Match is: _____________________


Step 4

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Are you wondering: "What Career is Best for Me?"

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