Attending Open House Events in the Workplace and at Schools

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  1. Open Houses in the Workplace
  2. Open Door Events at Schools and Other Training Institutions

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Participation Research

Opportunities for touring a workplace spontaneously show up in local newspapers, online, in radio ads, signs outside the building, with an invitation to the general public, by the employer, to ‘Come Visit’. Watch for these openings.
Open House Sign
You can attend Open Houses at broadcasting studios, factories, science institutes, research centers, police departments, and charitable organizations. They are offered as Public Relations promotions to create good will, excitement around their product, or to help raise their profile in the public’s awareness.

Industry uses these as promotions to make them more competitive, raise their profile in the public eye, and of course to sell their product.

On the other hand, it also gives you an opportunity to make connections with key people, arrange informational interviews, and maybe even a ‘Job Shadow’.

If a job shadow isn’t an option then, at least you can ask questions during the tour, and if they can’t answer your questions, they may offer to put you in touch with someone who can. The door is then open at their invitation.

If you are interested in a particular workplace, you can also phone and ask if they ever have “Open Houses”. If not, then the door is not open to the public, unless you happen to know someone who works there.

Companies can be very protective of their premises. Sometimes the best you can expect is an “Information Interview” with a key person, in the job you are considering.

Participation Research

Public and Private Schools often open their doors to the public, inviting them to ‘Come and See’ what the students are doing. This is your chance to interview both the students and the instructors, to find out about their programs and see if you’d like to enroll there.
School Open House
Instructors are on the lookout for new students to fill their programs, and will welcome your questions and interest in their programs. You can take your Basic Questions Checklist with you and do a short interview on the spot. If they don’t have time to answer all your questions, they are likely to invite you to call them or drop by later. This is just what you want. It buys you more time to get more information.

Keep in mind that most of the longer programs now include a ‘Practicum Component’ of several weeks to several months, where students do a “Work Experience”. So the students get ‘hands-on’ experience before they complete the program. This is a very desirable option. In fact, evaluate every school you visit for this benefit. The longer the work experience, the better for you.

Students should be eager to talk about their work experiences through the school, and to answer your questions from their own observations. Listen to what they say. If they are not enthusiastic, then be forewarned. That may not be a good place for you.

If you haven’t seen any advertisements for ‘Open Houses’, phone the colleges and institutes that have the programs you are interested in, and ask when their next “Open House” is scheduled. Take your The Basic Questions Checklist with you.

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