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Careers With Lots of Job Openings
With an aging Boomer population, most of the fastest growing occupations are in healthcare. By 2018, in the US three out of every ten new jobs will be health care related. Here are 8 occupations which are showing an increase in demand with online employers:

  • 29% increase in the Legal field – attorneys, legal assistants, admin assistants. But bear in mind, this can change if the economy goes into a recession and big companies start to cut back staff to deal with expenses.
  • 28% increase in Business and Finance Professionals such as auditors, accountants, management analysts, they guide a company through the maze of complex laws.
  • 25% increase in jobs in Transportation and Material Moving. Whether it’s within warehouses, or across the country, goods have to be moved in a timely, safe and cost effective way. This workforce is aging, and new openings are coming up for talented people who are ready to step in.
  • 25% increase in The Arts, Design, Entertainment, Media and Sports. In this sector, we are looking at graphic and web design, Public Relations, social media management, marketing, as companies expand into online media and strive to maximize the potential of the online environment.
  • 23% increase in Engineering and Architecture Engineering is always in demand, and a building boom is expected for basic architectural design as the population continues to grow. But this area can also be vulnerable to outsourcing to overseas workers.
  • 22% increase in openings in Power & Energy Plant Operations. This is being driven by a retiring older workforce. If you have an interest in this, now would be a good time to consider getting in.
  • 22% increase in Construction This industry can be unpredictable, you need to be willing to go where the work is. Consider construction inspectors, engineering specialists, especially those with the required licensing.
  • 20% increase in Healthcare Support Personnel – nurses, doctors assistants, medical assistants, dental hygienists, dental assistants, personal and home health care aides, physiotherapists, pharmacy techs and assistants. This was the stronghold of the retiring generations. The Dept of Labor is expecting healthcare to expand 50% by 2018. Again, this is stimulated by an aging population of baby boomers with money to spend on support services. If you want job security and great entry-level prospects, there is room in this field.

If you are working in an area that is in flux, look for transitioning your skills to occupations forecasted for higher growth. You may need to retrain, but it’s worth it for the extra job security.

Careers That Attract the Brightest Minds
Source: Marty Nemko

  • Researchers in Physics, Math, Molecular Biology, Engineering or Computer Science
  • Government Managers in the areas of Homeland Security, Energy, Health Care, Veteran’s Affairs, Defense.
  • Corporate Specialists in Global Business Development, and Global Workforce Management especially for China, India, Middle East. [Languages to master: Mandarin, Hindi, Bengali, Russian]
  • Specialists in Global Finance
  • Experts in Terrorism especially Bio-terrorism
  • Immigration Specialists
  • Optometrists
  • Genetics Counselors – to deal with more gene-related problems
  • Health Informatics Specialists – using computerized expert systems
  • Patient Advocates – to help the sick navigate the Health Care System, find the right specialists, keep informed and deal with Insurance Claims.
  • Higher Education Administrators
  • Physical Therapists – need a 3 year Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Veterinarians
  • Media Coaches

The Most Popular Careers
The Top Jobs are mainly in two Fields: Computers and Health Care.
If you are attracted to computer careers, one of the most important work values to have is Flexibility. You will be constantly learning new technologies, and may be required to travel. An ability to adapt to high change will allow you to adjust without feeling stressed. For those in the “Computer Field” change is just a fact of life.

  1. Pharmacists
  2. Computer Software Engineers
  3. Computer Support Specialists
  4. Network and Systems Administrators
  5. Data Communications Specialists
  6. Desktop Publishers
  7. Database Administrators
  8. Personal & Home Care Aides
  9. Computer Systems Analysts
  10. Patient Health Care Advocates
  11. Social & Human Services Assistants
  12. Physician Assistants
  13. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians
  14. Physical Therapist Aides
  15. Occupational Therapist Aides
  16. Audiologists
  17. Fitness Trainers
  18. Veterinary Assistants
  19. Animal Lab Technicians
  20. Social Workers

The Coolest Jobs
Each of the links below will take you to a Career Guide Book or Video, that will tell you more about that type of work.

Workers Who Thrive in Dangerous Jobs
(Highest to Lowest death rate)

  • Crab Fishers – a very dangerous way to make a living!
  • Loggers – run a close second
  • Truck Drivers – work long shifts on tedious & monotonous drives, facing frequent highjackings, tough weather conditions, reckless drivers
  • Miners – accidental deaths are not well publicized, because this is no longer a mainstream job
  • Firefighters – death is a constant companion that can call at any time
  • Police Officers – not a safe job by any stretch
  • Armored Car Guards – there’s a reason why they carry loaded weapons – moving cash around all day attracts attention
  • Detonation Squad – take a guess at the risks involved here
  • Coast Guard Search & Rescue – these workers put their lives on the line everyday
  • Bodyguards – if you choose to serve as a human shield, they’d better pay you well.
  • Be aware of the hazards to your health, in any job you do.

Other contenders: aircraft pilots, iron and steel workers, hazardous materials recyclers, farmers/ranchers, roofers, power line workers, taxi drivers.

Jobs That Push Your Buttons
There really are some jobs that have more stress around them than others. Some people thrive on this kind of stress.
Know the full story before you leap into any of these careers.

  1. Air traffic controllers – constantly monitoring, watching, always on the alert, burnout stalks this job
  2. Surgeons – literally holding human life in their hands, everyday – life and death decisions
  3. Firefighters – going from zero to full alert in seconds is scary, exciting and stressful
  4. Registered Nurses-RNs – understaffed, overworked and underpaid, taking care of everyone but themselves
  5. Police Officers – working under strict guidelines, using lethal weapons, reacting to unpredictable situations in split seconds
  6. Coal Miners – do any of us know what it’s like to go underground everyday to work in a mining pit?
  7. Commercial Truck Drivers – on the roads most of the time, they see it all
  8. Correctional Officers – working in jails with a population of convicted criminals and felons
  9. IT Professionals – no where to hide – keeping everything working smoothly all the time, or everyone will know about it – right away!

Here are some other stressful jobs you may be aware of: Airline pilots, Military Personnel, Paramedics, Long Term Care Nurses, 911 Operators, Teachers.
If you are considering any of these, be sure to interview someone doing the job,
before you invest in training. And if your heart sings while you hear them talking, go for it.

Easy to Enter Careers for Recent High School Grads
The links below will take you to books that will give you more information about each career.
These are all jobs where employers are often willing to train you.

Great Jobs Without a College Degree
Look for training provided at local trade and technical schools in your area.
– Consider these possibilities.

  1. Dental Hygienist – Avg Income approximately $70,000
  2. Web Development – Avg Income approximately $75,000 – must know programming languages: javascript, PHP, MySQL, etc.
  3. Medical Secretarial – Avg Income approximately $30,000 – excellent spelling skills and a passion for medical terminology helps
  4. Paralegal Assistant – Avg Income approximately $45,000 and up. As you get experience you can negotiate increases.
  5. Insurance Agent – Avg Income approximately $50,000 +
  6. Wholesale Sales Rep – Avg Income approximately $50,000 to start
  7. Machine Operator – Construction Sites – Avg Income approx. $40,000. Choose the machine you’d like to learn how to operate.
  8. Electrical Technician – Avg Income approx. $60,000
  9. Hair Stylist – Avg Income approx. $25,000 and up. With talent and a passion for this work, you can thrive.
  10. Plumber – Avg Income approx. $50,000 and up.

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