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This page will show you how to do a Job Analysis of the kinds of intelligences used in any job.


  • Doing a Job Analysis actually forces you to think about the kinds of intelligences being used on the job.
  • It allows you to avoid jobs that require intelligences that you don’t commonly use.
  • A Job Analysis saves you the time and trouble of training or applying for jobs that don’t suit you.
  • It will give you an appreciation of what is actually done on the job during the course of the workday.
  • It’s a quick tool for testing any job you’re not sure of.


You are a pastry chef at a 5 Star Hotel
1. What does a pastry chef do on the job everyday?

  • Must make the same high quality pastry every time
  • Will need to be systematic, measure ingredients precisely, control the temperature, know exactly what’s in the product, order the correct amount of ingredients.
  • Will need to be able to use kitchen equipment properly.
  • Will need to be able to move around quickly and efficiently.
  • Will need to have an eye for decorating the pastry attractively for the customer.
  • Will also need to be able to follow orders, and work on a team with co-workers in a co-operative way.

2. What kind of intelligences are involved in this job?

3. Of all the intelligences used on this job, does one intelligence stand out above the others, or are they all equally important?


Hmmm! There’s a lot more to being a Pastry Chef than, at first, meets the eye! Looks like these four intelligences are equally important in this job.

Next logical question to ask: Do these intelligences match yours?

Knowing what you now know about the job, in terms of Intelligences, you can decide if you want to check out other aspects of this job.

Man with Clipboard

This Quick Job Analysis is really more helpful than it might appear. Of course, if you don’t have the answers to the questions at hand, you may have to do a little digging. But it’s better than applying for a job without really knowing what’s involved in it. Or getting into a training program, thinking you know what’s involved in the job, and finding out later it’s nothing like you thought it was.

Don’t overlook this little tool. Try and do at least two or three to get a feel for it, so you have it at your fingertips when you need it.


Choose a couple of occupations that appeal to you, but that you don’t really know a lot about, and analyze them following these guidelines.

  • Sit back and imagine yourself doing the job. Be sure you know what people actually do in the job. Hint: Review the Basic Questions Checklist.
  • If you are lucky, you can Job Shadow, that is, observe someone doing the job.
  • You could do an Informational Interview with someone who is working in the job.
  • You can also do Online Research and find out what is entailed in the job.
  • List exactly what is done in this type of work during the course of a day.
  • Match the duties you’ve listed according to the Multiple Intelligences that you are now familiar with.
  • What do you think is the main intelligence for this position?
  • Note the intelligences being used to do those tasks.
  • Do these intelligences match yours?

Now is the time to decide, if you want to pursue this job any further or not.

After working through a few of these, you’ll be able to use this tool to effectively analyze any job before you make a move toward it.

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