Sample Interview Thank You Letters

If you are not quite sure how to put together Interview Thank You Letters, below are two short samples you can use as models.
The first, illustrates a Thank You Letter that is appropriate after an Informational Interview.
The second, shows a letter you might write after a Job Interview.

Use the basic format here, and add a few words of your own in the body, so that you are not just copying it.
Be honest, sincere, and clear and you can’t go wrong, when sending an Interview Thank You Letter.

When to Send an Interview Thank You Letter

Thank you letters are appropriate after meeting with anyone who has been of some help to you in your career or job search.
Send them after:

  • Job Interviews – it’s polite to send a short thank you card with a handwritten note, or a formal letter
  • Informational Interviews – send whether interview is done in person or by phone
  • Attending Open Houses – send to those who answered your questions, to keep in touch.
  • Career Fairs – send to those whom you want to keep in touch with.


  • Within 24 hours of your interview, send a Thank You Letter or card to the person who granted you the interview, thanking them for their time.
  • Bringing a box of Thank You cards with you to write Handwritten notes just after your interview, is even easier, and more special. You just hand them to the receptionist to pass along to those who interviewed you. Be sure each has its own envelope with the person’s name on it.
  • If it was a phone interview, when you hang up from the interview, call back and ask the receptionist for the proper title, address and spelling of the person’s name who just interviewed you.
  • If you are meeting in person, it would be ideal if you have your own business card to leave with them. You can then say with a smile, at the end of the interview: “May I exchange business cards with you?”
  • All business letters use a colon (:), not a comma (,) in the Greeting.
  • eg. Dear Mr. Wood:

  • Always use the person’s title: Mr. or Ms.
    When you use Ms. you don’t need to know if the woman is married or not.

    TIP: Even if, during the interview, the person said call me “Jim”, do not use the first name in your letter or handwritten note: Don’t use: Dear Jim: Use: Dear Mr. Wood:

  • There is no need to compose a long letter, it’s the thought that counts.
  • Always hand sign your letter with a pen, just above the printed signature.

Want More Thank You Letter Samples?

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All Tests, Inventories and Worksheet Templates for this site are available in an easily printable format
in Career Manuals 1 and 2.

Hand Written Note After an Informational Interview

thank you note sample

Handwritten notes mean so much to people who have helped you out, who expect no reward.
To the world, you may be just one person, but to one person, you may be the world.” Anonymous

Thank You Letter After an Informational Interview

January 24, 20XX

Sandra Smith
336 West Broadway
Cleveland, Ohio 67890

Mr. James Wood
Wood’s Lumber Ltd.
300 Main Boulevard
Jonestown, Ohio 12345

Dear Mr. Wood:

It was a pleasure speaking with you on Wednesday, January 23rd. Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to answer my questions. Your answers were helpful and very informative, in furthering my understanding of what is involved in this type of work.

I appreciate the interest you have shown in helping me with my career search.

Sincerely yours,

[Signature Handwritten]      ←    Signature Handwritten

Sandra Smith     ←   Signature Typed

Thank You Letter After a Job Interview

January 24, 20XX

Sandra Smith
336 West Broadway
Cleveland, Ohio 67890

Ms. Susan Clark-Jones
Human Resources Dept.
Acme International
Jonestown, Ohio 23456

Dear Ms. Clark-Jones:

I am writing this letter, to thank you for meeting with me on Wednesday, January 23rd, regarding the position of Administrative Assistant for the President of Acme International. I enjoyed meeting Mr. Harland Acme, and valued the opportunity to discuss my qualifications with both of you.

I am keenly interested in thais job, and I would be very pleased to accept an invitation to come to work for you, as the personal assistant to Mr. Acme. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Sincerely yours,

[Signature Handwritten]      ←    Signature Handwritten

Sandra Smith     ←   Signature Typed

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