What is your International IQ?
On Global Knowledge

globe of the world

Your international IQ shows your global knowledge in 4 Areas:
Political/Economic, Geographic, Intercultural and Personal Flexibility.
Let the questions below be your guide in getting ready for overseas employment.

1. Political, economic and geographic knowledge

Question: Do you follow international events and news in other parts of the world?
Do you have an idea of world geography, that is, where other countries are located on the globe?

If you like to form your own views of world news, then listen to news programs that originate from around the world. You can find them on cable TV channels, or watch the news on the internet. Pick a channel:
Al Jazeera News
British Broadcasting Corporation
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation TV

Take a look at an atlas of the world, and find out where other countries are in relation to where you live. Research and plan a vacation to a part of the world that is off the beaten track for most travelers.

2. Knowledge of your field of interest outside your own country

Question: What is happening in your field in other parts of the world?
What jobs are available overseas in your field? Which companies have an international presence?

Knowing how your specialty is used in international settings, can help you to focus your training, your job search. Reading trade magazines in your line of work, helps you to be aware of what’s happening overseas in your field.

Attending conferences in foreign cities will allow you to make contacts, network and engage in discussions with others who are working overseas. Find out what skills and types of experience they recommend you get.

3. Intercultural Communication Skills

Question: Are you aware of the communication styles used in different cultures?

Are you familiar with the 3 modes of communication that are prevalent in most cultures today? Linear-active, Multi-active and Reactive. If not, you can take cross-culture training to sensitize yourself to understand how other cultures view the world.

Being a specialist in your field of knowledge is only one aspect of applying for an overseas job. Cultural awareness, language skills, and being a sensitive communicator go hand in hand with your knowledge.

4. Personal adaptability and coping skills

Question: How adaptable are you in new situations – the unpredictable element?

Dealing with Culture Shock can be a real challenge, when you are going to live in a foreign culture. Having a curiosity about other cultures, a strong self-concept, a sense of humor, a personality that thrives on change, adventure, and new challenges, will go a long way in easing your transition.

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