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What are Central Motivations?

Your central motivators are those personal motivations that attract you to a particular job. They give you enthusiasm, stimulate your drive, inspire determination. They give you incentive to pursue a job because there is something about that job that motivates you, in other words, it works with your own personal Central Motivators.

Some common examples of motivators are: the motivation to own something, the motivation to be in charge, the motivation to be creative, a motivation to be the best in something. We all have these motivations. They make life easier because we get a reward when we pursue them. For example if you are motivated to be in charge, to be in control, then you would get a personal charge from a job that lets you be on top, in authority, making important decisions.

There are 22 motivations. Several of them are usually driving us behind the scenes. Not many people give much thought to this aspect of work, because they are not consciously aware of what their main or central motivations are.

Here is your chance to find out what yours are. Once you know, you can focus on looking for jobs that will call on you to use your main motivators. If you’re lucky enough to be in a job that motivates you, you will know what I mean. A job that motivates you is easy to do. You do it effortlessly. It pays to know what your Central Motivators are, so you can look for jobs that allow you to use yours.

Finding the Secret Motivators in Every Job

Every job has built-in motivators, triggers that tap into your personal motivations, and make it easy for you to do the job. The secret is to find out what yours are, and then match them to the right job for you.

Working in a job where you can be yourself is a joy, because it brings out the best in you. Your skills are valued, people appreciate you, time flies and you advance easily.

Most occupations require more than one type of motivation in order to do really well in them. Do you know what your Central Motivations are? When you know what motivates you, you can match them to the right job for you.

If you can find a job that uses 2 or 3 of your own personal motivators, you’ll have won the lottery in terms of finding a perfect job match!

On this site, you can discover what drives you, what fascinates you, what kinds of work energize you. Once you know that, you can really get going.

Finding the right kind of job is a matter of matching your personal motivations with those needed in the job.

Does Your Job Motivate You?

Here’s how to tell if you are in the right or wrong job.

If you are bored at work, worn out at the end of the day, and see your work as a dull, never-ending pile of to-do’s that stress you out, this may be a clue that you are in the wrong type of work.

Paula is a talker, who thrives on social interaction. She loves her job as a Sales Rep for a company selling Health Products. She has regular contacts whom she visits each month, and they look forward to seeing her. They love her bright smile, and the energy and enthusiasm she brings to her work.

Before she got this job, however, Paula spent 10 years sitting in a cubicle, in an insurance company, processing insurance applications. She couldn’t wait for the weekends, when she was finally free to socialize.

After the company downsized, and she was laid off, one of her friends told her about the Sales Rep job. She decided to try it since she didn’t have any other prospects.

Then she discovered a whole other side of the work world – a new exciting world where she blossomed in her job because of her social skills. She had found a job that matched her personal motivators.

She loves her job, and has become the Top Sales Rep in the company. For her, the work is effortless and natural, and the performance bonuses keep rolling in.

Can You Guess What Motivates These People in Their Jobs?

Susan enjoys singing. It brings her great joy to touch the hearts of those who hear her sing. She has a great voice, that people love to listen to. Possible jobs for Susan: singer, doing voice overs, giving presentations, working in the entertainment field. These align with her motivation to want to move people emotionally. What do you think is Susan’s main motivation?

Business Group

Terry easily takes charge wherever he is. He just naturally knows how to bring out the best in people, and they trust his judgment. He has managed several successful projects. Project Management is a natural for him. What is motivating him?

Selena, a petite powerhouse of a woman, has a strong desire to take on major challenges, and overcome obstacles where the odds are stacked against her. She has an insatiable desire to prove that she can survive no matter what. Soon, she will follow her dream to strike out on her own, and travel the world, taking on the challenges of working overseas for a non-profit, where she sees herself helping others with major challenges. What motivations do you think are at work here?

Donna has a natural bent to organize. Whenever her company needs someone to organize an event or a party, Donna’s exciting ideas and sparkling enthusiasm gets everyone motivated. A good organizer is needed everywhere. Donna will find many doors open to her. What is Donna’s main motivation?

Ready to Find Out What Your Main Motivations Are?

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You will need to go and download your copy of Career Manual 1 – Five Easy Career Tests to do Right Now!.
In this ebook you will find the Central Motivations Quiz, the Work Styles Inventory, the Work Values Inventory, the Multiple Intelligences Inventory, the Personality Test ready to take.
Follow the quick and easy explanations on how to do the Central Motivations Quiz to find out which of the 22 Motivators are yours, and will help you with your job.

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