Career Planning: Building Your Toolkit
The Puzzle is Now Complete

Now that you’ve put the pieces together, and chosen your ‘Career’ direction, how will you take care of it? It’s similar to taking care of your health. Planning your career moves, allows you to take care of the health of your career as well.

Wall Puzzle Completed

Remember: The question to always keep in mind is: How can I best position myself in my career, for the next job, I’ll be taking on? Savvy workers today, are taking their cues from what “The Professionals” – Doctors, Lawyers, Academics, Accountants etc. – were doing all along – developing a Career Plan, in order to advance themselves in their careers.

What is involved in Planning a Career?

It’s personally taking control of your career development, and proactively looking outside your workplace, to ask what skills do I need to acquire, to strengthen or build upon, in order to prepare for the changes up ahead.

These days, job security is based more on how much you know, and what you can effectively do in terms of productivity, efficiency and profitability in your workplace.

It all boils down to: How is what you do important to making more money for the company?

For example:
At an Auto Show, articulate persons with an attractive appearance will be hired to stand on stage, and talk about the features of the latest cars. Why? Because, they have what it takes to attract and hold attention, in order to sell the automaker’s products in a very competitive marketplace. And the company will pay for that.


To succeed in today’s workplace, workers need to develop a realistic, self-directed attitude.

Just as we have come to accept responsibility for our retirement planning, we are now learning to take over our career development, to become managers of our work life over our entire life span.

No matter what kind of job you do, planning your career throughout your work/life span, is now a necessary ‘Survival Skill’ that every worker needs, in order to maintain and enhance their employability.

Is Having a Career Plan Worth It?

You bet it is. Since, it requires only a small investment of your time, energy and money, to protect your income, it’s clearly worth it.

A New Way of Thinking

Planning your work/life involves, creating your own long-term Career Plan, and taking responsibility for making yourself into a “marketable product” in the workplace. You position yourself to become the highly-skilled, desirable commodity that employers are willing to pay for.

Positioning Yourself By What You Can Do

Rather than emphasizing intangibles like your long-term service, your loyalty to past employers and your dedication to your work, you market yourself according to what you can do for an employer.

How will you make a difference to that workplace, when you come on staff?

Having a Career Plan allows you to feel confident in your abilities, to respond to change in a flexible way, and in doing so, to keep your work/life balanced.

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