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Career Manual 1

Career Manual 1
5 Easy Career Tests

Career Manual 2

Career Manual 2
Tips & Strategies For
Career Exploration

What you’ll find in these Career Ebooks:

Career Manual 1
This Career Manual gives you the 5 Career Tests in easily printable PDF format.
You get:

  1. The Work Styles Inventory + Detailed Descriptions of the 6 Holland Work Styles
  2. The Work Values Inventory + Descriptions of each of the 25 Work Values
  3. The Multiple Intelligences Inventory + the 8 Intelligence Types Explained
  4. The Personality Test with High Level Descriptions of the 16 Personality Types
  5. The Central Motivations Quiz – Featuring the Chief Reward Implicit in Each of the 22 Motivations

Career Manual 2
This Career Manual gives you Tips and Strategies for where to find jobs, how to talk to employers and recruiters at Job Fairs and in Informational Interviews.

  1. Links to Job Search Websites across the US and Canada
  2. Tips on How to Do Your Job Research
  3. A Job Research Table to keep track of the information you find
  4. Telephone Scripts How to talk to Employers – What to say and How to say it
  5. A Checklist of 20 Key Things to Ask Recruiters when you see them at Job Fairs
  6. A Check list of 50 Basic Questions – what to look for on a job search
  7. An Action Plan Template to keep you on track with what you did and what you will be doing next
  8. A Job Experience Template to remember the who, what, where of each job experience
  9. 7 Sample Thank-You Letters & Handwritten Notes
  10. A Decision Table of Pros and Cons – to help you choose the Right Job for You between a number of choices.

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This Link Will Take You Through Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Program

Links to Step 1 - The 5 Career Tests on This Site

Step 1 - Discovering Who You Are
Links to Step 2 - Career Exploration

Step 2 - Exploring Your Career Options
Links to Step 3 - Getting into the Nitty Gritty

Step 3 - Doing the Research For Your Dream Job
Links to Step 4 - Taking Care of Your Career

Step 4 - Managing Your Career - Doing Career Planning
Are you wondering: "What Career is Best for Me?"

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