4-Step Career Assessment Program Outline

This career assessment site is for you, if you are:

  • Trying to identify your special gifts, talents, abilities.
  • Wondering “what career is best for me?”
  • Stuck in a job you hate.
  • Facing a major work change due to layoff, downsizing, or merger.
  • Returning to work after an extended absence, or . . .
  • Searching for your ‘Life-Purpose’.

All Tests, Inventories and Worksheets are available in an easily printable format in Career Manuals 1 and 2.

Putting Together the Career Assessment Puzzle

Step 1 - Career Assessment

Step 1    Discovering Yourself
1. Work Style
2. Work Values
3. Personality Type
4. Central Motivations
5. Multiple Intelligences

After you have gone through these five career assessments, you’ll be better able to put together a clearer picture of your preferences and get going on your own Career Plan.

Step 2 Exploring Career Options

Step 2    Career Exploration Options

– Keeping in mind your favorite interests – you will then look at the Major Occupational Job Groups and find one ‘Field of Interest’ that you’d love to play in, that you know you’ll never tire of. You may even know it already.

Job Exploration gives you a chance to determine if that’s ‘your main area of interest’, or if there is another, that you never knew of, which fascinates you even more.

Step 3

Step 3    Deciding On Your Dream Job

– In this step, you will be taking the ‘Field of Interest’ that you chose in Step 2 and researching the kinds of jobs that are in that field.

You’ll be looking for ‘The Job’ that uses your central motivations and allows you to express your personality, use your preferred intelligences and work values, and work in your preferred environment. This is your Dream Job. You will find this job riveting, motivating and stimulating. Now you have the formula:

Your Field of Interest + Your Dream Job = Your Best Career Match

Step 4    Taking Action Through Career Planning

In Step 4, we look at: Step 4 Taking Action

  1. What It Means to Have a ‘Management Plan’
  2. How Today’s Workplace Differs from Yesterday’s
  3. Your Role as the New Breed of Worker
  4. Link to: How to Take Care of Your ‘Career’

Once you’ve decided on your Best Career Match, you can learn how to take care of it through Career Planning. That requires some understanding of what’s happening today in the workplace.

How Jennifer Found Her ‘Dream Job’

After working through this career assessment program, here is how she used the information she learned about herself, to do her ‘Job Research’, and find her ‘best career match.

Jennifer now works in an aquarium training Dolphins. From the time she was ‘little’ she’d had a special interest in Dolphins.

Her ‘Central Motivation’ in life was always to protect living things and work in close harmony with nature.
She has a ‘Realistic Work Style’, strong ‘Work Values’ around the environment, team relationships, and physical challenge.
Her dominant intelligence is a ‘Naturalist’ intelligence.

Her ‘Occupational Research’ identified the field of Natural Resources as fitting her most deeply rooted needs and interests.
While doing her Job Research, she discovered that she could volunteer at the local aquarium, and if they saw an aptitude in her, they would provide training on the job. She had found the path to her Dream Job.

Even if her job choices changed in the coming years, she would still be able to work in some capacity with marine mammals, in the Field of Natural Resources. Identifying her ‘Field of Interest’ through her Occupational Research, was the key to where she would find her dream job.

Her Field: Natural Resources
Her Dream Job: Dolphin Trainer

Best Career Match: Naturalist, Specializing in Marine Mammals

This Link Will Take You Through Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Program

Links to Step 1 - The 5 Career Tests on This Site

Step 1 - Discovering Who You Are
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Step 2 - Exploring Your Career Options
Links to Step 3 - Getting into the Nitty Gritty

Step 3 - Doing the Research For Your Dream Job
Links to Step 4 - Taking Care of Your Career

Step 4 - Managing Your Career - Doing Career Planning
Are you wondering: "What Career is Best for Me?"

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