Boosting Your Intelligences

What You’ll Find on this page . . .

  1. Boosting Your Linguistic Intelligences
  2. Boosting Your Logic-Mathematical Abilities
  3. Boosting Your Visual-Spatial Abilities
  4. Boosting Your Body-Kinesthetic Abilities
  5. Boosting Your Musical Abilities
  6. Boosting Your Naturalist Abilities
  7. Boosting Your Interpersonal Abilities
  8. Boosting Your Intrapersonal Abilities

How much can you improve your Intelligences?

  • You can boost or strengthen them, as much as you are willing to practice them.
  • Pick one that you are low on, and practice some of the exercises.
  • Play with the suggestions below, like kids do. Soon you will have access to more of the intelligences you want.

Boosting Your Linguistic Intelligence

  1. Play a word game like Scrabble with someone with highly developed linguistic ability.
  2. Do crossword puzzles and other word puzzles in the newspaper.
  3. Spend time in libraries or book stores and browse through books, periodicals and magazines.
  4. Adapt a fairy tale to the 21st century. Try: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, The Three Little Pigs, Sleeping Beauty.
  5. Read versions of the great classics of literature. Then download or rent the movie version. How did the movie differ from the original story?
  6. Really listen to the language used in popular songs.
  7. Help someone with a writing project.
  8. Read Reader’s Digest especially the section where you can add one new word to your conversation everyday.
  9. Write poetry and share it with someone you trust to appreciate it. Submit your work to a publisher.
  10. Strike up an email or snail mail correspondence with someone you know in another city.
  11. Practice explaining things to someone you know, and ask them how you did.
  12. Try using new words in your conversation that you are unaccustomed to using.

Boosting Your Logic-Mathematical Intelligence

  1. Make a list of scientific terms you don’t understand and look for explanations.
  2. When you are shopping, try to calculate the amount of the bill before the cashier rings up your purchases.
  3. Pick a scientific discovery and research when it was made. e.g. that earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa.
  4. Learn how to play chess.
  5. Work with someone else who likes to figure out answers to math problems.
  6. Gift yourself with $500,000 and build a virtual stock portfolio. Track your stocks daily.
  7. Turn to the Science Channel on TV.
  8. Estimate how many vehicles will pass a certain point on the street in the next 5 minutes. How will the time of day affect your observations.
  9. Guess how many SUVs will pass you on the street today compared to ordinary cars.
  10. Guess what the ratio of red cars to blue cars are on the road today.
  11. Read a mystery story, and try to figure out the ending from the clues given in the story.
  12. Play video games requiring logic to solve puzzles.

Boosting Your Visual-Spatial Intelligence

  1. Learn how to use computer graphics applications.
  2. Look at collections of photographs by famous photographers. Ask yourself what makes them special.
  3. Look at maps and globes of the world, and try to see relationships.
  4. Tell a story, using pictures only.
  5. Think about how you’d redecorate your room, apartment or your home. Draw sketches of your ideas.
  6. Look at things like clouds, buildings, and landscapes and try to see different shapes and outlines there.
  7. Design yourself a business card.
  8. Think about how you’d get from one place in your town to another. What direction would you give to someone else? What are the important visual landmarks?
  9. Take a fresh look at your favorite films or videos. What colors are important? What camera tricks were used to create the special effects?
  10. Learn how to paint, or draw. Practice doodling.
  11. Put up your own website.
  12. Use emoticons in your emails.

Boosting Your Body-Kinesthetic Intelligence

  1. Sign up yourself and your pet for Obedience or Agility or Field Trials courses. And practice everyday.
  2. Learn to tap dance, line dance, square dance, the Tango, Spanish dancing, Latin American, African dance.
  3. Take a martial arts class.
  4. Learn to figure skate, or join a field hockey team or the curling team.
  5. Play tennis, badminton, pool.
  6. Take a sign language course.
  7. Take up a sport you’ve never done before: horseback riding, bowling, skateboarding, skydiving, parasailing, white water rafting.
  8. Get a Do-It-Yourself Book. Watch Do-It-Yourself Home Decorating Programs on TV.
  9. Learn to change a tire, or change the oil in your car. Practice this skill.
  10. Undertake a project in your garden. Use only hand tools to do the job. Avoid using power tools.
  11. Every time you see a dog or cat stretch, do the same.
  12. Take a craft course like woodworking, operating a loom, etc. get involved in a hands-on project.

Boosting Your Musical Intelligence

  1. Call a friend on their birthday and sing happy birthday into their answering machine.
  2. Sing in the kitchen, Sing in the shower, Sing in the car.
  3. Take music lessons on an instrument you’ve always wanted to play – drums, saxophone, the harp, trombone.
  4. Take a walk in the woods, and listen to the sounds of nature, a waterfall, the different bird calls, the sounds of silence.
  5. Go to a Karaoke Club with friends and join in.
  6. Visit music sites on the Internet and read what people are saying about different kinds of music.
  7. Go to free concerts and recitals, hear local jazz, blues, country singers at community centers, neighborhood houses, churches, etc. Let the rhythm, the beat of the music get into your bones.
  8. Trade CDs with friends and relatives and make an effort to listen to a wider range of music: rap, rock, classical, folk, choral and nature sounds. Aim for at least an hour a week.
  9. Learn more about the lives and careers of famous musicians – today’s stars and yesterdays too.
  10. Make up your own lyrics to familiar tunes.
  11. Watch a scary movie (or romantic, or thriller flick) and try to be conscious of the background music they use and how it enhances the emotional high you are experiencing.
  12. Be consciously aware of the sounds in your immediate environment wherever you go.

Boosting Your Naturalist Intelligence

  1. Go for a hike or nature walk. Use binoculars to get a closer look at the wildlife and other surroundings.
  2. Get a CD or Sky Chart on Astronomy and learn more about the planetary constellations and the galaxies.
  3. Get into reducing, re-using, and recycling your garbage.
  4. Develop your knowledge of birds with a bird book that will help you identify them, learn about their habits and migration patterns. Invite birds to your window with a bird feeder.
  5. Plant a small garden, weed and water it and watch it grow. What kinds of pests do you need to watch for.
  6. Look for environmentally safe ways to protect your plants from pests.
  7. Collect herbs and dry them. Use them for infusing teas. Study how herbs are used to treat various ailments.
  8. Observe the color combinations you see in nature. Try dressing in those colors.
  9. Watch Science, and Nature Shows on television.
  10. Subscribe to a Nature Magazine.
  11. Search for websites that address environmental concerns.
  12. How can you help promote the protection of our environment and nature.

Boosting Your Interpersonal Intelligence

  1. Get in the habit of introducing yourself to others. A good place to mix with people is in the Food Court of a Mall or people sitting on park benches. Approach people who are sitting alone and introduce yourself saying: “Hello, I’m Jim/Judy. May I join you.” Be careful who you approach.
  2. Offer to work on a community project. Keep a journal of all the things that happen to you on this project.
  3. Thank people who serve you in stores, banks, post offices, restaurants and wish them a good day.
  4. Speak to the security guards on the doors of banks, stores, if they look like they could use a word of recognition.
  5. Give someone a compliment about a task that they have accomplished. Notice something about the task that you particularly like.
  6. When you feel an emotion, learn to express it in a non-threatening way.
  7. Watch body language. What does it tell you about the person who is doing it?
  8. Find a book on body language and study it.
  9. Tell someone you know about a time they did something for you that you remember and appreciate.
  10. Take a course in Conflict Mediation. Use the techniques you learn to resolve issues in your workplace.
  11. Communicate non-verbally.
  12. Join a group and look for ways to contribute in group discussion.

Boosting Your Intrapersonal Intelligence

  1. Decide on a simple goal for today, for the end of the week, for the month. Write it down. Achieve it. Record the outcome in a diary. If you fall short, set another goal and try again to reach it.
  2. Practice “Random acts of kindness” by doing something thoughtful for someone else. eg. Help someone on the bus. Help a senior citizen who obviously needs some help.
  3. Do something different for yourself. Change your routine. Rearrange your apartment. Change your hairstyle or hair color.
  4. Notice when someone around you looks a little lost or left out. Make a point of being nice to them.
  5. Be a mentor to someone. Meet with them regularly. Work out a plan together to help them in some way or just spend some time together and be interested in what they like.
  6. Read articles on healing, self-improvement, New Age information on the Internet. Try to understand the new mindset.
  7. Read about your Dream Job. What is one thing you can do now to move towards it? Do it. Practice moving towards it.
  8. Read Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. Practice being present and living in the moment.
  9. Be calm, spend some time in meditation. Try yoga to strengthen your focus.
  10. Think about your day: Did you miss an opportunity to help someone? Could you have been nicer or more thoughtful and less aggressive in your interactions?
  11. What did you learn today? At the end of each day: Keep a journal about your thoughts and feelings for each day.
  12. Practice spending a quiet day by yourself, without talking very much to anyone.

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