5 New E-Career Jobs

What do these exciting e-career jobs have in common?

  • They all work with digital media to enhance the end user’s experience.
  • They use a combination of technical and/or design skills, writing talent and marketing savvy, organizational abilities, and an understanding of human psychology.
  • None of them existed 10 years ago.

As yet, these e-career jobs have no distinct career path, you can get to them through different routes or programs that may even appear unrelated. You can even train yourself. Be creative. You may find yourself in a job that is the envy of your friends.

1. Social Media Manager/Consultant

  • One who is able to go in and analyze the social marketing aspects of a business, and set up a strategic interactive communications system.
  • Their tools are the best social media for the marketing niche: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress Blogs etc.
  • Depending on the needs of the business, a Social Media expert can work with the staff on a consultant basis, teaching them how to maintain and most effectively engage users through Social Media.
  • Or they can create and manage marketing campaigns alongside the business owner.
  • Social Media Managers can have a number of business clients with whom they work.

2. Professional Video Game Player

  • This job has been quietly developing in the background for years.
  • Recently it has become a serious occupation that is lucrative enough to qualify as a career.
  • If you are good enough, and have a passion for it, professional video gaming can net prizes as high as $500,000 per tournament.
  • Large electronics companies like Samsung, front the prize money, using these tournaments as marketing venues.
  • For example, “Starcraft: Brood War” has become one of the most popular professionally played games in the world.
  • Professional video gaming is now entering the realm of a spectator sport.

3. Professional Blogger

  • Professional bloggers write clearly and competently about a variety of topics and niches, that they research and develop an expertise in.
  • The most successful bloggers usually work on contracts, making between $35 to $500 per piece.
  • The price they can charge for their services is gauged by the number of clicks and reads they can generate on a website.
  • Popular bloggers gather loyal followings who regularly read their posts.
  • Their credibility and authority allows them to sell advertising on their own blogs, and gives them almost celebrity status in the blog world.
  • At the highest levels, bloggers can command large fees for speaking engagements.

4. User Experience Analyst

  • User Experience Analysts are sought after for their expertise in analyzing the kind of experience users have when they come to a website.
  • The goal is to improve the visitor experience so as to meet the goals of the business.
  • UEAs use many tools to get feedback from users.
  • They recommend design changes, that will enhance the user experience, thus translating it, for the company, into increased revenue and sales.
  • The competition for talented UEAs is fierce.
  • According to payscale.com, the average salary with only two years of experience, approaches $60,000.

5. Information Architect – Designing Online Content

  • Working from the end-user perspective – an information architect organizes online information.
  • They make it accessible and attractive to readers, so they can easily navigate a site, and quickly catch the intended message.
  • More and more this is becoming a required job in all organizations reaching out to their online market in an effort to offer more value to the consumer.
  • One way to get started in this job is through training in Information Management and Systems.

Here is a list of schools in different countries now offering programs in Information Architecture.

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