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You will find a 4-Step Self-Assessment Program. Just follow the pages on this site and work through the program yourself. It’s easy to do. Keep track of your results. All Tests, Inventories and Worksheets on this website are available in easily printable format in Career Manuals 1 and 2.

What kinds of things will you learn about yourself? You can find out what kind of personality you have, what kind of work environment compliments your personality, what your work values and your multiple intelligences are, and what motivates you.

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Inspiring Advice from some of the world’s most interesting and inspiring “spiritual” teachers.

When asked in an interview, what advice they would have for their 16 year old selves, looking back from their perspective now in life, here is what they said:

Trying to decide if going to university is the right thing for you?
Here’s what you need to know: Getting a College Education – The Real Costs
Discover the smart way to get a degree without going into major debt.

Joseph Campbell – The Hero’s Journey All Stages Explained

This 30 min compilation of movie clips explains the steps that are taken on The Hero’s Journey to “Finding Your Path“, discovering what you need to be doing, what you came here to do, a career that uses all your gifts, your special abilities, and makes you feel wonderful as you do it.

This is a story that crosses all cultures. It is exciting, challenging and will require all your resources to accomplish. But it also will make your stronger, and take you to heights you never imagined. The Hero’s Journey – a phrase coined by American mythologist, Joseph Campbell – will also lead to finding “Your Passion, Your Bliss” – Your Best Career Match.

How to Use This Site

Best-Career-Match is for those who are searching for a suitable job – one they can enjoy and look forward to each day. To find that kind of job requires a little self-study to get to know yourself better. You can easily do this with some honest effort.

Go through the self-assessments you will find in Career Manual 1 – 5 Easy Career Tests to Do Right Now! to determine your unique personal:

Work preferences
Work values
Personality type
Central motivations
Multiple intelligences.

These results are then combined with the results of your research on the Major Occupation or Job Groups, to find your main ‘Field of Interest’.

Researching specific jobs, that you are attracted to within your Chosen Occupation or Field of Interest, will tell you which one is Your Dream Job.

Picking Your Dream Job in the Field that Interests You the Most = Your Best Career Match.

Your Field of Interest + Your Dream Job = Your Best Career Match

This Link Will Take You Through Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Program

Links to Step 1 - The 5 Career Tests on This Site

Step 1 - Discovering Who You Are
Links to Step 2 - Career Exploration

Step 2 - Exploring Your Career Options
Links to Step 3 - Getting into the Nitty Gritty

Step 3 - Doing the Research For Your Dream Job
Links to Step 4 - Taking Care of Your Career

Step 4 - Managing Your Career - Doing Career Planning
Are you wondering: "What Career is Best for Me?"

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